LED-based street lighting from ECMAN

LED-based street lighting from ECMAN

Electrical Components Manufacturers (ECMAN), based in Kolkata, India, has been providing lighting solutions to commercial, government and residential customers since 1961.

We provide lighting consultancy, design, manufacturing and installation services directly to commercial, government and residential customers. We offer both conventional and non-conventional lighting solutions, as well as custom luminaires and retrofits.

Our lighting solutions are:

  • State-of-the-art
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable
  • User friendly
  • Standard or Custom-made
  • Value for money

We take care of your lighting project in its entirety, from conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing and installing.

Research and Development in Progress

  • Energy saving LED Bulb drawing power from AC wall socket.
  • 48W 5040 lumen LED Street Light to replace conventional 70W SON and SON-T luminaires.
  • 48W 5040 lumen LED Facade and Flood lighting
  • Introducing a range of LED based office luminaires with solar back up suitable for conventional ceilings like Armstrong and others.
  • Bringing LED luminaires to Indian homes for applications like Mirror light and Picture/Art light.
  • LED replacement for Dichroic / Hallogen lamps
  • LED signage / Advertising application
  • Manufacturing complex multi-reflectors for increasing efficiency of PV cells